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Sea to Summit is a brand that I have always admired since getting into hiking in Australia. The first thing I got from them was a pair of Gaiters after almost stepping on a snake in Lerderderg. And they have been great. Not only for snakes in the summer time but also for mud and mildew in the winter. They keep my legs dry and warm and also keep my pants clean.

Before selling any products on the Green Trails store, I would really prefer to test them out first. Sometimes that’s not always possible as things cost money as we all very well know, however there are times when sacrifices need to be made, and this is one of those times.

So, after browsing through a lot of Sea To Summit stuff, I went out and made a big purchase and over the next couple of weeks I am going to be testing out some gear. I also bought a couple of other things that I really wanted from other brands. Here is a snapshot of what I picked up:

Sea To Summit, Black Diamond, Camelbak, Outdoor Gormet, JetBoil

Sea To Summit, Black Diamond, Camelbak, Outdoor Gormet, Jetboil

I have put my focus into a balance between lightweight and comfort. I’d like to start doing more pack carry hikes, but I also want to get a good night’s sleep if possible. So in order to do that I’ve got the following gear:

  • Sea To Summit: Ember EB2 Quilt – I chose this because firstly I sleep warm, and secondly, I don’t like to be confined in a regular sleeping bag.
  • Sea To Summit: Comfort Plus Insulated Mat Large Rectangular – Top of the range for both insulation (R rating of 5), and size (I’m big 6’3″). I like to move around when I’m sleeping, so a larger size seems like a good option.
  • Sea To Summit: Coolmax Fitted Sheet – I want to sleep on something soft, so on a trade off for space and weight, I’ll be putting this over my Mat in favour of comfort.
  • Sea To Summit: Pack Cover – I’ve already got a pack, but I’ll need it to be waterproof when I’m hiking in the rain.
  • Sea To Summit: Dry Sacks – I like the idea of these, to keep items separate in my pack and of course to keep them dry.
  • Jetboil: Flash Carbon Stove – This is a luxury item for me, usually i’m happy with the bare essentials but I wanted to make an exception.
  • Outdoor Gormet: Freeze Dried Food – I picked up one of each. Yummy, hopefully.
  • Sea To Summit: XSET 2 piece Bowl and Mug – I’ll now need something for cooking (and for my Chai Lattes).
  • Sea To Summit: Alpha Light Cutlery set – Something to eat with.
  • Black Diamond: Distance Carbon Z hiking poles – Just had to get the lightest ones available. They are seriously light.
  • Black Diamond: Icon Headlamp – Just a bit more light thrown in to make up for some of my heavier comfort items!
  • Camelbak: 3L Military Spec Bladder – I’ve got a Camelbak M.U.L.E backpack that I use for mountain biking (and hiking). I just had to get the military spec bladder, couldn’t resist!

That’s quite a list of items there. And I certainly look forward to testing them all out on the trail! So I’ll be seeing you on subsequent reviews and hopefully we can make some more gear available to you on the website soon!

Last modified: September 18, 2017