Grand Strzelecki Track Souvenir Edition Set of 6 Walking Maps

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Limited souvenir edition set of 6 Grand Strzelecki Track maps consisting of the Planning Map and five maps covering all sections of the Track.

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Each map is filled with useful information about the walks and beautifully presented including many stunning photos. Printed on high quality, durable paper folded to convenient A5 size.

Come and stand in awe under forest giants, or step into a lost world of ancient temperate rainforest equal to any on Earth…yet not hear a sound except the serenade of lyrebirds.

Come and walk in solitude through a different rainforest so rare, most people have never heard of it, and far fewer will ever see it.

Come and discover peaceful, beautiful places far from the beaten track, and away from the parks all the tourists visit.

When you need to reacquaint yourself with the comforts of life, try a home cooked meal in a friendly country guest house or a cozy cabin in a tiny, peaceful hamlet amidst all this natural beauty.

Come and discover The Grand Strzelecki Track!


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