Outback Travellers The Kimberley Series 3 – Track 2

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This region offers a diversity in terraforma from the Bungle Bungle to the awe inspiring Mitchell Plateau, Cape Leveque or Mornington.

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Outback Travellers


The Kimberley Track Guide covers a total distance of 519.3km. The Kimberley is an area of north Western Australia that floods with tourists and retirees during the dry season each year.

It is a rugged landscape with numerous ranges and wonderful waterfalls. The Gibb River Road has mellowed over the years and now carries vast numbers of 4 wheel drives and road trains.

Beautiful gorges, creek and river crossings and the lush surroundings of El Questro, provide an endless range of interest, walks and driving challenges. This is a captivating region, wild and remote with blue skies and warmth.

The Sectioned Maps will help you find everything of interest along the Track and point out potential road cautions in advance, supported by visual references, for the benefit of your safety.

Using photography, track notes and mapping, the Outback Travellers The Kimberley Track Guide is a companion to sheet maps, offering a closer look at what is out there, where to find it and how to get there safely.

Map Guides include:

  • Derby to Blina Oil Field turnoff, 70.6km (Section A)
  • Blina Oil Field to Fairfield Leopold Downs Road, 55.9km (Section B)
  • Fairfield Leopold Downs Road to Boundary Creek, 53.0km (Section C)
  • Boundary Creek to Imintji Store, 50.8km (Section D)
  • Imintji Store to Billy Goat Springs, 38.9km (Section E)
  • Billy Goat Springs to Mt Barnett Roadhouse, 39.2km (Section F)
  • Mt Barnett Roadhouse to Snake Creek, 47.1km (Section G)
  • Snake Creek to Kalumburu Road turnoff, 60.2km (Section H)
  • Kalumburu Road turnoff to Ellenbrae Homestead, 69.2km (Section I)
  • Ellenbrae Homestead to Gregorys Jump Up, 49.9km (Section J)
  • Gregorys Jump Up to Home Valley Homestead, 48.6km (Section L)
  • El Questro turnoff to Great Northern Highway, 33.4km (Section M)
  • Great Northern Highway to Kununurra, 52.4km (Section N)
  • Halls Creek to Purnululu National Park (The Bungle Bungle), 159.9km
  • Broome to Derby, 221.6km
  • Derby turnoff to Fitzroy Crossing, 216.5km
  • Fitzroy Crossing to Halls Creek, 289.4km
  • Broome to Cape Leveque, 208.3km
  • Fairfield Leopold Downs Road, 124.7km
  • Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge, Silent Grove/Bell Gorge
  • Charnley River Homestead & Mornington Wilderness Camp
  • Kalumburu turnoff to Mitchell Plateau turnoff, 156.3km
  • Mitchell Plateau Track, 87.3km
  • Mitchell Plateau turnoff to McGowans Island, 125.6km
  • Wyndham – King River Road – Cockburn Circuit, 79.9km
  • Kununurra-Purnululu National Park turnoff – Lake Argyle Resort
  • Kununurra to Katherine, 509.7km

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Outback Travellers

For the traveller and explorer in us, these track guides provide a unique visual reference for both novice and experienced individuals, families and groups. Using photography, track notes and mapping, the Outback Travellers Track Guide is a companion to sheet maps, offering a closer look at what is out there, where to find it and how to get there safely. With the aid of sectioned, colour coded track information, cautions along the track are brought to your attention to help avoid unnecessary problems. Hazards in the form of crests and dips in the road, creeks, floodways, river crossings and tight corners are highlighted to avoid potential accidents.
Outback Travellers


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