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Our Comfort Plus range provides the most effective system for fine tuning the level of comfort available in any air mat today.

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Using two high resolution cell layers that can be pressurised independently provides ultimate flexibility in comfort adjustment and protection from rough terrain. If you are on uneven or bumpy terrain, you can inflate the bottom layer at higher pressure as a firm barrier. Using the fine tune valve, you can then adjust the upper layer to a lower pressure to distribute your bodyweight and shape over more cells which feels softer and more comfortable.

When we set out to design a mat that was better than what was already available, we ultimately went back to why we carry a sleeping mat into the wild in the first place — to give us a better night’s sleep. ‘Better’ is of course a very subjective ambition and while we could have made the lightest, or the most compact mat ever designed, we’re stoked to present what we consider to be the most comfortable sleeping mattresses available. Happy sleeping!

  • Air Sprung Cells operate in the same way as a pocket spring mattress, as each cell deforms independently the mattress conforms to your body shape which feels softer and more comfortable with more body contact area and even dispersion of pressure.
  • Dual Layer construction uses two independent high resolution layers, giving greater sensitivity by distributing your body weight and shape over more cells. The two layers are offset for more uniform insulation and cushioning.
  • Exkin Platinum® is a very lightweight, quiet non-woven fabric that has a thin metalised layer applied to the surface. Exkin Platinum® thermal technology reflects radiant heat loss back to the user.
  • The THERMOLITE® insulation lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the cold ground.
  • Multi-function valve integrates an inflate port with a one-way valve to prevent air loss before you seal the valve, a rapid air dump deflate port, and a fine tune button to adjust for comfort, in one compact, low profile unit.
  • Extrusion TPU lamination is more durable, consistent and is vastly superior to roll-to-roll lamination, helping to prevent delamination.

All Sea to Summit sleeping mats come with a quality stuff sack sized to suit your mat, plus a small repair kit containing six self-adhesive patches for repairing punctures in the field, and a spare silicone one-way valve flap.

R-Value: 4.0

Size/Variation: Small Regular Large Rectangular Regular Rectangular Large
Length: 168cm 183cm 201cm 183cm 201cm
Width: 55cm 55cm 64cm 55cm 64cm
Height/Depth: 6.3cm 6.3cm 6.3cm 6.3cm 6.3cm
Packed Dimensions: ø11.5 x 23cm ø12.0 x 23cm ø12.5 x 26cm ø12.0 x 23cm ø12.5 x 26cm
Weight: 715g 785g 1015g 920g 1120g
Exkin® PlatinumExkin® Platinum is a very lightweight and quiet non-woven fabric that has a thin metalised layer applied to the surface. Exkin® Platinum thermal technology reflects warmth back to the user to minimises radiant heat loss.
THERMOLITE® insulationTHERMOLITE® insulation provides lightweight warmth for all activites. We use THERMOLITE® insulation in many of our sleep system products in different forms.Sleeping bag liners use THERMOLITE® fibre knitted to create our Reactor THERMOLITE® fabric.

Sleeping bags use THERMOLITE® insulation that is designed for superior warmth and exceptional softness.

Our insulated Air Sprung Cell sleeping mats use THERMOLITE® insulation that is designed with high loft for excellent lightweight warmth with superior durability. The THERMOLITE® insulation lofts up inside the Air Sprung Cells™ to prevent convective heat loss from your warm body to the cold ground.

THERMOLITE® is a trademark of INVISTA.

DryLite® MicrofibreOur DryLite Microfibre is a knitted fabric consisting of a blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide (Nylon) to create a suede like finish where the surface is mechanically processed to produce an extra soft plush feel. It has low bulk to create a compact and lightweight towel that is super absorbent.A Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that measures less than 1 denier, or approximately 1/5 of a human hair. The fibres are then split to create deep channels along its length that give it an enormous surface area, which results is a fabric that can be ten times more absorbent than cotton. Synthetic microfibres can easily be wrung out and dry very quickly. Due to hydrogen bonding, microfibre cloth containing polyamide absorbs and holds more water than other types of fibres.

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Small, Regular, Large, Rectangle Regular, Rectangle Large


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