Sea to Summit Pack Tap 2L 4L 6L 10L

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Hang this from a tree at the campsite and you have bulk water literally on tap! Multiple Hypalon lash points allow you to hang or secure the Pack Tap in many spots.

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They can be rolled and squeezed into tight spaces – the fabrics used are very abrasion resistant and the double bladders will withstand significant pressure. The bladders themselves are Mylar, and are completely after taste-free.


  • Food safe, taste free
  • Self shutting valve with single hand operation
  • Flexible and foldable for compact packing
  • Hypalon anchor points for easy attachment
  • Double layer tough plastic/foil bladder
  • Durable and abrasion resistant

WEIGHT: 2 LITRE 108 G, 4 LITRE 114 G, 6 LITRE 124 G, 10 LITRE 192 G

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2L, 4L, 6L, 10L


Sea to Summit


2L, 4L, 6L, 10L


Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an innovative design and product development company that engineers a wide range of intuitively simple products that help make time in the outdoors fun, efficient and comfortable. From our West Australian base, Sea to Summit has grown into an award-winning global brand sold in more than 60 countries. Significant growth and international recognition has strengthened our original ethos ‘to equip and inspire’ and it continues to drive our research and development of the best materials and production methods. It inspires new product innovations that keep us at the forefront of bringing lighter, better made, better performing gear to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


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