Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano 15D Nylon Hammock Tarp 350g

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The Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp compliments your lightweight and compact hammock by providing the most effective coverage without adding excess weight or bulk.

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The minimalist design of the Sea to Summit Hammock Tarp tapers towards the ends where the hammock narrows and has a single tie-out point on one side providing enough room to cook under while sitting on your hammock. Two tie-out points on the opposite side can be pegged close to the ground for protection against prevailing wind and rain.

  • Lying on a slight angle results in a flatter, more comfortable position
  • Two tie-out points this side for protection against high wind or driving rain
  • Single tie-out point this side for reduced weight and bulk
  • Ultra-Sil Nano 15D Nylon fabric for advanced strength to weight performance

SIZE: 3.6 X 2.8M


Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an innovative design and product development company that engineers a wide range of intuitively simple products that help make time in the outdoors fun, efficient and comfortable. From our West Australian base, Sea to Summit has grown into an award-winning global brand sold in more than 60 countries. Significant growth and international recognition has strengthened our original ethos ‘to equip and inspire’ and it continues to drive our research and development of the best materials and production methods. It inspires new product innovations that keep us at the forefront of bringing lighter, better made, better performing gear to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.


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