Silva Hiking Walking Poles Aluminium

$139.99 inc GST.

High quality aluminum, rubber handles, and comfortable and easy to adjust wrist gloves ensure good comfort on your walks even when you push out of your comfort zone with these Silva Aluminium Hiking/Walking Poles.

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These walking poles from Silva are always up for a walk no matter the weather.


  • Made of high quality 7075 aluminum
  • Rubber handles for good grip
  • Interchangeable wrist gloves
  • Adjustable length between 105-140 cm
  • Snow baskets and rubber paws are included
  • Comfortable and easy to adjust wrist gloves

Tech Specs:

  • WEIGHT: 454 g
  • STOWED DIMENSIONS: 86×7.5×4 cm
  • USEABLE LENGTH: 105-140 cm



IN 1933, A MERE 14 YEARS AFTER MODERN ORIENTEERING became a competitive sport, three entrepreneurial Swedish orienteering champions invented the liquid-filled compass. Their solution was more precise and easier to use than other compasses at the time. The SILVA brand was born.


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