Vicmap 7025 Cannawigara 100K Map

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Vicmap 7025 Cannawigara 100K Topographical Map is a 1:100,000 Scale Map for long distance cycling, four-wheel driving, and day trips.

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Vicmap Topographic Mapping is the state’s authoritative topographic map base. Vicmap Topographic Mapping is available in a range of formats, scales and sizes for different uses.

Vicmap 7025 Cannawigara 100K Topographical Map is a 1:100,000 Scale Map for long distance cycling, four-wheel driving, car touring and day trips.

Map features include:

  • Constructed: roads, railways, buildings, airports, walking tracks and wind turbines
  • Administrative: local government areas, crown land, state and international borders, and place names
  • Natural: vegetation, national park areas, rivers, and coastal features
  • Terrain: contours,mountains, valleys and cliffs

Vicmap Topographic Mapping is perfect for recreational activities allowing users to plan their outdoor activities.

They are also used by emergency services for planning and operations during an emergency event such as bushfire, flooding or search and rescue operations.

Other uses include urban planning, site analysis, flora and fauna surveys, education, military exercises, geoscience industry such as mining, and to establish legal boundaries and ownership.

Further Information on 100,000 Scale Vicmap maps:

  • 1cm = 1,000m
  • Contours marked at 50m or 100m depending on terrain, index contour interval at 100m
  • Transport Markers: Freeways, route markers, highways, bridges, secondary sealed and unsealed roads, local sealed and unsealed roads, vehicular tracks: 2WD, 4WD and gates, private access tracks, major hiking trails, road restrictions, railway/tramway information.
  • Relief: Mountain peaks, hills, contours, hill shading, depression contours, cliffs.
  • Administration: parks under national parks act, public land, restricted access, local government area boundaries, state boundaries.
  • Other marked features include vegetation, trigonometric stations, landmark points, recreation areas, emergency services, and hydrography information.
  • This is a single sided map, not suitable for hiking purposes.



Vicmap Topographic maps display natural and constructed features on the ground including contours, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, vegetation, roads, cliffs, localities, park boundaries, shipwrecks and more, covering the entire State of Victoria.


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