Hiking Trail Info

Hiking Trail Types

On this web site you will find four different types of hiking trails. Loop, Return, Point to Point, Stage Trails, and Pack Carry Trails. Each have their own advantages depending on your needs.

Loop Trails

Loop hikes are great when you want to return to the same point. This way you only need to worry about getting to one destination and of course returning to that same destination.

These hikes are also useful should you live in the particular area that the hike is located for a casual hike when you are feeling energetic.

We prefer these types of hikes as they enable people to plan a little less when it comes to meeting up for a casual hike.

Return Trails

A return hiking trail starts and finishes at the same location. It’s furthest point is travelled to and from on the same path.

Point to Point Trails

These hiking trails start at one point and end at another and sometimes vary depending on the hiking trail chosen. These trails are best if you want to get from one point to another.

Most often a car run will be necessary between starting and ending points.

Stage Trails

Stage trails mostly refer to hikes such as the Grampians Peak Trail where the hike is so long that it is separated into separate stages.

Unlike the other hiking trails, these most often do not end near any form of transport and are inaccessible by car. This means that you will have to make your way to the beginning of each stage in addition to the trail described. Of course this also applies to the end of that particular stage.

These hikes are great for a challenge should you wish to push yourself in an attempt to complete either the entire hike or several stages in one go.

Pack Carry Trails

Similar to Stage Trails, Pack Carry Trails will have no other option but to camp in-between stages, and camp-sites are usually available on such hikes in order to do so.