Parks Victoria Digital Maps

One of the most important things that you can possibly have with you while out on the trail is a map.

A physical paper map is paramount – because if you get lost, even if you’re not quite sure how to read a map properly, other people that you meet along the trail can help you out. And if you are a designated leader of any hiking group, you should always have a physical map with you. Which is why we sell hiking maps on Green Trails Australia. Our hiking maps also include a lot of additional hiking trail information as well as other information.

And while physical maps are very important, they are not always very practical.

A digital map hiking map, available on your phone can be great. Portable, easy to access, and available free through Parks Victoria. Note that Parks Victoria Maps do not show topographical information unlike a physical map.

As with anything digital, we do have to keep in mind battery power. If it runs out, then your digital map is useless. And also it is nice to keep your battery power in case of an emergency should you need to use it for a phone call or a message.

Go to your app store and download Avenza PDF Maps.


While also having maps that you can buy in this app, all of Parks Victoria Maps are free.

Once in the app, go to the store and search the map for the park that you wish to hike in, and download it to your phone.

And with the Avenza App you also get the following features:


Use the built-in GPS in your mobile device to locate yourself on any map (even works offline without network connectivity). Want to record where you’re at? Simply drop placemarks at your location. Navigating through a forest? Use the compass to orient yourself. 


Want to see how far you have walked, hiked, driven or biked? Record your activity using Record GPS Tracks and see exactly where you’ve been. View stats like elevation change and distance traveled on a graph including total time. 


What’s a map without interaction? Drop placemark pins anywhere on the map with the tap of a finger. Need to move it? No problem. Just tap and hold a pin to pick it up, move it to the spot you want, then release it to drop it. 


Easily find coordinates on a map in popular formats including Latitude/Longitude (Map default or WGS84), Northing/Easting, and Military Grid Reference System/United States National Grid. This tool also has the ability to search for a specified coordinate. 


How far is it to that next intersection? Use the Measure Distance tool to measure how far you need to travel. Use the option to quickly change the measurement units.