Four Brothers Rocks 13km Loop

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There are several hiking trails that extend out from Four Brothers Rocks which can be linked together in many different ways. Most start from Four Brothers Rocks Car Park, including this one.

From the Four Brothers Rocks Car Park at the end of Burgess Road, we will first head down Rankins Track, the right onto Pines Track, right again onto Helmet Track, and right again onto Burgess Road leading to Four Brothers Rocks, and back to the car park.

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This is a Grade 4 walk. Bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks are long, rough and very steep. Directional signage is limited. Hikers may require maps and navigation equipment to successfully complete the track. Hikers need to be self-reliant, particularly in regard to emergency first aid and possible weather hazards.

Trail Head Options:

  • The only way to get to the start of this trail is by car. Drive to Four Brothers Car Park at the end of Burgess Road.
  • Alternatively you could walk up to the start of the trail from Mortimer Picnic Ground (to be added soon).

This is a long 13km hiking trail along fire roads and horse trails. It will take about 3-4 hours to complete. It is mainly sandy during the dry months and can turn to clay during wet months. It is recommended that you take hiking poles with you, since the first section is a very steep and rather long downhill stretch.

Trail Features:

  • Four Brothers Rocks

Four Brothers Rocks:

Visit this spectacular formation of huge granite tors. Walk right around the base and see how big they actually are. The view from Four Brothers Rocks provides a spectacular backdrop of the Black Snake Creek Valley, Blue Range, and the surrounding area of the park.

Trail End Options:

  • Jump back in your car and head home.
  • Walk down to Mortimer Picnic Ground (to be added soon).

Trail Statistics:

  • Starting Point: Four Brothers Car Park at the end of Burgess Road.
  • Hiking Trail Difficulty: Grade 4
  • Distance: 13km
  • Trail Type: Loop Hike
  • Elevation Gain: 485m
  • Elevation Loss: 485m
  • Minimum Elevation: 170m
  • Maximum Elevation: 430m
  • Time to Complete: 3-4 hours
  • Ending Point: Four Brothers Car Park at the end of Burgess Road.

Detailed Hiking Trail Guide:

Once you have arrived and parked at Four Brothers Rocks Car Park, head back down the road that you came up, while looking to the right for a fire trail road (fenced).

Only about 50 meters down the road you will see a gate to your right.

This gate marks the start of this hiking trail. This is Rankins Track.

You’ll want to take care coming down here as it is quite steep. You’d be advised to take hiking poles with you to aid in stability.

To your left you can see views through the trees of the surrounding mountain ranges.

This downhill stretch continues for 1.7km before you arrive at this intersection. Take a RIGHT here onto Pines track.

Take in the greenery along Pines Track – the grasslands and the wattle trees are very beautiful in early spring as pictured here.

After about 500 meters you’ll see this turn off. Continue STRAIGHT ahead here. This turn off, not on any maps, turns out to be a short cut so even if you did take it, you shouldn’t end up getting lost.

Another 500 meters along and you’ll come to this 4 way intersection. Take a sharp right which is a continuation of Pines Track.

As the hiking trail continues to descend, more ferns start appearing and the vegetation becomes a little more lush.

Continue STRAIGHT here down the hill.

The hiking trail descends a little further past and over a small waterway.

The wattles in this area are beautiful during the spring time.

After reaching the lowest elevation of this trail, we start heading uphill slowly but surely. A section of the track here is signposted as Lawless Track although it is a continuation of Pines Track. Just keep on following the main trail.

Continue along the main trail around to the LEFT.

Continuing along Pines Track.

At the top of this short uphill section there is a small break in the trees.

This downhill section is rather boggy when wet. Expect to get a thick mud build up on your shoes.

After about 2.5km of short hills, you will arrive at this intersection. This is Helmet Track. Turn RIGHT here.

Helmet Track

After 1km you will reach another intersection. Continue along Helmet Track to your RIGHT.

Enjoy this flattish section as it is the last you will get before a long steady uphill section.

This is our final intersection. Turn RIGHT here onto Burgess Track.

Continue around to the RIGHT.

Uphill… Up and up and up. Slow and steady.

The forest in this area is thick and lush.

After walking up Burgess Road for almost 5km, start looking for the Four Brothers Rocks to your right.

For some strange reason it is not signposted, and it is a little bit off the trail so you could possibly miss it if you were too busy chatting.

Upon exiting Four Brothers Rocks, turn RIGHT onto Burgess Road and continue up the hill.

Continue STRAIGHT towards the gate…

And you will find yourself back at the starting point!

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Last modified: October 4, 2017