Gulgurn Manja Shelter

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Gulgurn Manja Shelter starts at the Hollow Mountain Carpark located in the Northern Grampians. It offers a gentle stroll with Aboriginal art. It is a 1.5km return hike on sandy trails and over some flat rock surfaces. It will take about 30 minutes to complete.

This is a Grade 2 walk. Gentle hills, formed track, occasional steps. 

Trail Head Options:

  • The only way to get to Hollow Mountain Car Park is by car. It is located off Mount Zero Road in the Northern Grampians.

Trail Features:

  • Aboriginal Art Site

Trail End Options:

Trail Statistics:

  • Starting Point: Hollow Mountain Car Park off Mount Zero Road.
  • Hiking Trail Difficulty: Grade 2
  • Distance: 1.5km
  • Trail Type: Return Hike
  • Elevation Gain: 45m
  • Elevation Loss: 45m
  • Minimum Elevation: 230m
  • Maximum Elevation: 270m
  • Time to Complete: 30 minutes
  • Ending Point: Hollow Mountain Car Park off Mount Zero Road.
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Detailed Hiking Trail Guide:

Starting from the Hollow Mountain Car Park, look for this entry point to the trail.

Follow the sign to the LEFT towards Gulgurn Manja Shelter

The first section of the trail is flat and sandy. Enjoy the scenery and wildlife. I spotted a few wallabies hopping around.

Halfway along the sandy track turns to a flat rocky surface.

Head up the rocks veering to the LEFT.

Ahead is the Aboriginal art site.

Some descriptive signs are provided detailing the drawings you see before you.

When you’re done observing the Aboriginal Art Site and the views, turn around and head back the way you came.

And back to the Hollow Mountain Car Park. Try out the Hollow Mountain hiking trail if you are feeling up for a bit of a challenge. The views are spectacular.

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Last modified: October 4, 2017