Mount Zero

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Mount Zero is a pleasant hiking trail in Grampians National Park that is 2.8km long and will take about 1 hour to complete. It starts at Mount Zero Picnic Area, offering some of the best views in the Northern Grampians.

This is a Grade 4 walk. Short steep hills, formed track, some obstacles, many steps.

Trail Head Options:

  • The only way to get to Mount Zero Picnic Area is by car. It is located off Mount Zero Road in the Northern Grampians.

Mount Zero is a 2.8km return hike that will take about 1 hour to complete.

Trail Features:

  • Mt Stapylton views
  • Views of the Mount Difficult Range

Trail End Options:

  • Hike Mount Stapylton.
  • Hike the nearby Gulgurn Manja Shelter.
  • Hike the nearby Hollow Mountain.

Trail Statistics:

  • Starting Point: Mount Zero Picnic Area located off Mount Zero Road in the Northern Grampians.
  • Hiking Trail Difficulty: Grade 4
  • Distance: 2.8km
  • Trail Type: Return Hike
  • Elevation Gain: 160m
  • Elevation Loss: 160m
  • Minimum Elevation: 240m
  • Maximum Elevation: 400m
  • Time to Complete: 1 hour
  • Ending Point: Mount Zero Picnic Area located off Mount Zero Road in the Northern Grampians.
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Detailed Hiking Trail Guide:

Starting at the Mount Zero Picnic Area, head towards the information board.

Turn LEFT and you will see a sign pointing towards Mount Zero. Take another LEFT.

Head across the side of the car park to join the trail onto the other side.

Mount Zero is rated as Grade 4 despite being so short due to the natural rock formations that you will be walking over.

After a short distance you will cross Mount Zero Road.

Look for the trail over to the right a little.

The trail progresses from sandy paths, to steps, to sand paths, and then onto rocks.

Once to start onto the rocks, you should see yellow markers pointing you in the right direction.

There are two ways to go here. Either will get you to the same location. Today we are going LEFT.

The trail turns right here between two rock faces.

It’s a bit of a squeeze through here.

This is where the other track option joins back in. Continue STRAIGHT up the rock here.

Some lovely views out to the left of the Mount Difficult Ranges start to appear.

After much rock scrambling we arrive at the top…

Offering 360 degree views of the area.

Gulgurn Manja Shelter walk to the left, Hollow Mountain in the middle and Mount Stapylton to the right.

Views looking out to the north-west.

Make your way back down the mountain the way you came up.

Fantastic views of Mount Stapylton on your way back down.

When you see those 3 arrows on the rock, take a LEFT turn this time.

Continue STRAIGHT down the mountain.

Continue back along the sandy flat paths.

Cross Mount Zero Road

Pick up the trail slightly to the right.

Cross the car park area


And arrive back at your car! If you’re up for some more, take on the more difficult Mount Stapylton!

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Last modified: October 4, 2017