Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls

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Lorne is a beautiful area and offers some stunning hikes within the Otway Forest Park. Countless waterfalls and river crossings, forest ferns – what more could you want? Views? Yes there are some views on offer too, but in all honesty when you have waterfalls, who needs views?

Lower Kalimna Falls is a favourite among many who visit Lorne, considered one of the prettiest waterfalls in the area. A large chamber much like a cave has been caused by erosion around and behind the waterfall, allowing access behind the waterfall itself. We’ll also take you to Upper Kalimna Falls which is just as beautiful.

This is a Grade 3 walk. Total distance of the track is 9.5km. Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Formed earthen track, few obstacles. Kept mostly clear of intrusions and obstacles.

Trail Head Options:

  • Drive to Sheoak Picnic Area down Allenvale Road from Lorne.

Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls hiking trail is 9.5km long and will take about 3 hour to complete. This trail was once part of a tramway that was used for hauling timber through the forest to Lorne.

Trail Features:

  • Waterfalls
  • Cave behind waterfall

It is always nice to complete any hiking trails in the region after recent rainfalls maximising water flow at the waterfalls. This can result in muddy trails, but it is well worth it.

Trail End Options:

Trail Statistics:

  • Starting Point: Sheoak Picnic Area
  • Hiking Trail Difficulty: Grade 3
  • Distance: 9.5km
  • Trail Type: Return Hike
  • Elevation Gain: 225m
  • Elevation Loss: 225m
  • Minimum Elevation: 150m
  • Maximum Elevation: 300m
  • Time to Complete: Up to 3 hours
  • Ending Point: Sheoak Picnic Area
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Detailed Hiking Trail Guide:

Make your way by car to Sheoak Picnic Area. The hiking trail starts on the right hand side, opposite from the picnic area.

You should be able to see this sign pointing towards Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls from the car park.

The hiking trail can become muddy in parts, especially if it has recently rained.

Keep to the left here.

Go right here, down to Lower Kalimna Falls. We will come back up this way again to proceed to Upper Kalimna Falls.

Lower Kalimna Falls. You can walk right in and behind the waterfall which is rather unique.

Head back out and up the way you came.

Turn right at the junction towards Upper Kalimna Falls.

Keep going straight here towards Upper Kalimna Falls

Upper Kalimna Falls can be seen in the distance to your right.

Upper Kalimna Falls.

Head back the way you came, all the way to the car park.

STRAIGHT ahead here (or veer to the left).

Continue straight ahead.

Veer to the right.

And you will find yourself back at the Picnic Area. Check out trail end options above for other hiking trails in the area.

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Last modified: November 30, 2017