Kananook Creek 10km Seaford Loop

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This is a great little walking trail with the starting point located in Seaford by the Seaford Football and Netball Club. This is a convenient starting point since the is a car park located here which is usually quiet and free to park at without time restrictions. It is also only a 1km walk from Seaford trail station on the Frankston line which makes this walk convenient for most people.

This is a Grade 3 walk. Total distance of the track is just under 10km. Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Formed earthen track, few obstacles. Width: variable and less than 1200mm. Kept mostly clear of intrusions and obstacles.

This trail is most suited to locals who are looking for a pre or post work stroll in the area to get their fitness fix in around their busy schedules.

Trail Head Options:

  • Take the train to Seaford Station on the Frankston Line and walk 1km south on Kananook Creek Trail.
  • Park at the oval next to the Seaford Football and Netball Club.
  • Walk from your local residence.

This walking trail is just under 10km long and consists mostly of sandy trails suitable for most fitness levels and footwear.

Trail Features:

  • Kananook Creek
  • Seaford Beach

Trail Statistics:

  • Starting Point: Seaford Football and Netball Club, 20N Seaford Road, Seaford.
  • Hiking Trail Difficulty: Grade 3
  • Distance: 10km
  • Trail Type: Loop Hike
  • Elevation Gain: 25m
  • Elevation Loss: 25m
  • Minimum Elevation: 5m
  • Maximum Elevation: 10m
  • Time to Complete: 2 hours
  • Ending Point: Seaford Football and Netball Club, 20N Seaford Road, Seaford.

Trail End Options:

  • Return to Seaford Trail Station, located along Kananook Creek Walking Trail 1km North.


Detailed Hiking Trail Guide:

The starting point for this walking trail is the Seaford Football and Netball Club Car Park located at 20N Seaford Road, Seaford.

From the carpark, cross Seaford Road and head south down Kananook Creek Walking Trail.

Right near the beginning, take the path that leads onto the sandy trail to your right.

Follow this path through several intersections from here and continue straight across any paths that may cross the trail.

Continue straight ahead back onto the sandy trail.

Continue straight ahead.

Basically, for now, you’ll want to continue going straight until you reach Nepean Highway, which will be a major road crossing.

Nepean Highway can be seen ahead through the bushes.

Cross the bridge to your right and then cross Nepean Highway and head for the toilet block on the other side of the road.

Crossing over the bridge over Kananook Creek.

This is the toilet block that you’ll be aiming for. Continue down the walking trail to the left of the toilet block.

From here we will be heading down Seaford Foreshore walk. Alternatively it is also possible to walk along the each also. We will include this option in another trail guide.

As with Kananook Creek Walking Trail, continue to walk straight wherever possible, that is, until you see traffic lights and a pub to your right across Nepean Highway.

Cross straight over the boardwalk.

Continue across Seaford Pier Car Park.

Just by a toilet block, you will see traffic lights and a pub across Nepean Highway. Cross at the lights.

There is a small road that heads down alongside the pub.

Cross Riviera Street at the bottom and take the asphalt path alongside the fence.

Cross Kananook Creek once again.

Just before you cross the railway line, look for the walking trail that continues to your right.

At Armstrong Road, look for the trail just to the right on the other side of the road.

Cross the bridge to the other side.

Cross over Station Street and continue straight ahead.

Continue past Seafotrd Train Station Car Park.

Keep to the left here to continue along Kananook Creek Walking Trail.

And to your amazement we are reentering Seaford from the back of the Seaford Football and Netball Club.

Continue up towards Seaford Road and turn left to return to the car park.

The car park is just up ahead to the left.

Last modified: March 2, 2018