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360 Degrees online stock | 360 Degrees Catalogue

360 Degrees offers a range of quality gear for outdoor adventures and active pursuits close to home. The broad range of stainless steel bottles, camp cookware, dinnerware, microfibre towels, dry bags, thermals, rainwear and general outdoor accessories transition easily from the city to the outback and beyond. Combining function and affordability, 360 Degrees products provide single travellers, students, festival-goers and family campers access to core outdoor essentials suitable for every-day use. Customised design and strict quality control ensure products stand up to the rigours of the great outdoors while being fashionably functionable for daily use.

Back Country online stock | Back Country Cuisine Catalogue

Back Country Cuisine provides a range of freeze dried meals and ration packs that are suitable for emergency and disaster recovery applications. These products are ideal for mines, remote locations, emergency shelters, survival rations, schools, military and disaster management programs.

BioLite online stock | BioLite Catalogue

Bring Energy Everywhere with BioLite products that cook, charge, and light your life off the grid. BioLite’s Brooklyn-based impassioned team develops breakthrough technologies in energy producing, biomass fueled stoves, lighting and solar devices. Designed for use in developing countries and by outdoor adventurers, Biolite’s mission to create innovative and functional products with minimal environmental impact from manufacture through to the lifetime of use ensures every product you buy is both functional and environmentally sensitive.

Black Diamond Logo

Black Diamond online stock | Black Diamond Catalogue

What began with a backyard anvil and a hammer has now grown into a global company with offices on three continents. At Black Diamond, it’s all about climbing and skiing. More than just activities, these sports are a way of life and Black Diamond’s mission is to be indistinguishable from these sports. Black Diamond’s people are a community of users, and are their own harshest critics. The result is a market-leading product line across multiple categories, from C4 Ultralight Cams, Magnetron Carabiners, super light Z-poles to innovative, rechargeable lighting. Black Diamond is a true, all-encompassing mountain sports provider.

Bob Cooper online stock | Bob Cooper Catalogue

Bob Cooper’s incredible bushcraft skills have been developed through more than 25 years of experience in the outback. He has picked up tools of survival from the experience of living with traditional Aboriginal communities, instructing with Special Forces Units, lecturing with the Texas Park and Wildlife Service on desert survival in the Mexican Desert, delivering wilderness lessons in the UK and learning the skills of the bushman of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Bob has put his own lessons to the test, dropping himself off in the 42°C heat of the Australian desert with only a map and his survival kit, no food, water or sleeping gear, and a 10 day walk across 160km of rough terrain back to safety. He did this alone and showed that with the right knowledge of the land, you can survive. The outback of Australia is one of the most unforgiving regions of the world, but Bob is committed to protecting and  enhancing the experience people have when venturing out in the bush.

Bridgedale Logo

Bridgedale Catalogue

Bridgedale manufacture the most comfortable, highest quality and hardest wearing socks that you will ever wear. Continually investing in advanced knitting and finishing technology enables Bridgedale to both develop new designs, and to constantly improve the performance of their extensive range of high performance socks. Their unique Fusion Technology combines natural yarns with advanced technical fibres to create socks that wear harder, wick moisture better and provide enduring comfort. Not only supremely comfortable, Bridgedale quality requires that every sock must pass a number of inspection processes, including hand inspection, before packing. Whether you are hiking, biking, mountaineering or skiing, you can be confident there is a Bridgedale sock that will exceed your expectations.

Bush Maps Victoria online stock

Stuart Brookes produced this series of bushwalking maps for around 70 years until his retirement in recent times. Once highly sought after for their extraordinary detail. The series formerly known as VMTC Maps is now known as Bush Maps, Victoria.

CamelBak Logo

CamelBak online stock | CamelBak Packs Catalogue | CamelBak Tactical Catalogue | CamelBak Bottles Catalogue

CamelBak is an idea born from the most basic human need – thirst. Founded in 1989, CamelBak invented the hands-free hydration category and is the global leader in personal hydration gear. The first CamelBak products proved popular with mountain bikers and motocross riders who appreciated being able to drink hands-free. Scientific studies showing athletes drank more fluids and performed better when they wore a CamelBak encouraged the brand to expand into other sports. Today, CamelBak designs, tests and engineers a mix of products that include everything from technical hydration packs to reusable bottles and individual UV purification systems. Still driven by its original ethos, CamelBak believes in the performance advantage proper hydration delivers.

Carto Graphics online stock

Carto Graphics offers custom mapping services and for the past 28 years they have made an incredible range of custom made maps and map based products. From small single colour information brochures to large full colour road, tourist and thematic maps containing detailed map data, written information, photographs and graphics. Carto Graphics publishes their own range of regional maps over South Australia.

JetBoil online stock | Jetboil Catalogue

Jetboil are unapologetically obsessed with engineering better backcountry cooking systems. They believe that lightandfast design isn’t only for alpinists and ultra runners: it’s straight-up fundamental for anyone who wants to push what’s possible in the backcountry. So they tinker with alien ideas to produce precision stoves that optimize speed and control, and create cook systems that redefine the future of how far you can go.

Meridian Maps Logo

Meridian Maps online stock

Meridian Maps award winning recreational and wall maps are ideal for bushwalking, four wheel driving, general travel and business use. Designed to be informative, comprehensive and easy to read, the maps will help guide you to some of Australia’s most interesting landscapes.

Through striving for excellence Meridian has an award winning reputation for top rate design and content. With more titles in production our continued aim is to produce innovative and creative maps for all Australia. Maps are truly our passion!

The Outdoor Gourmet Company online stock | The Outdoor Gourmet Company Catalogue

The Outdoor Gourmet Company has teamed with top Australian chefs using the finest ingredients and modern freeze dried technology to create a selection of convenient and lightweight gourmet meals. Unlike traditional dehydration, freeze drying better locks in nutrition, flavour and texture removing more moisture which improves shelf life. It also reduces weight, and does not require any extended boiling to rehydrate fully. Unlike ‘wet’ retort packs, freeze dried food is much lighter with a more natural colour and texture. Whatever your need, from extreme expeditions or overnight ambles to emergency rations, you now have the option of choosing from an enticing range of super convenient, lightweight, delicious and nutritionally sustaining meals.

Parks Victoria online stock

Park maps are produced to show boundaries, access roads and tracks and the location of main visitor sites and facilities. Maps are not available for all parks but often the visitor guide (or park note) includes a simple map as an alternative. There are also some specialised maps produced showing boating or prospecting areas.

Rooftop’s online stock

Rooftop make a range of maps utilised by enthusiasts of all kinds intent on seeing the great open spaces of Victoria. Ideal for serious trekkers, casual hikers, 4WD, canoe, motorbike tourers and passing tourists. Detailed with relevant points of interest, roads and tracks, contours etc depending on the specific map and theme. Dotted with need to know comments.

Sealskins Catalogue

Sealskinz have over thirty years’ experience in developing and manufacturing endurance accessories, specializing in waterproof socks, hats and gloves to keep the body’s extremities warm and dry. Sealskinz partners with some of the world’s greatest athletes including mountaineers, explorers, cyclists, skiers, runners, sailors, horse riders and all species of mad ultra-event teams and individuals, to ensure their products deliver the very best in comfort and performance. Sealskinz enable you (and all its other many ambassadors) to defy the harshest elements found in the great outdoors.

Silva online stock | Silva Catalogue

IN 1933, A MERE 14 YEARS AFTER MODERN ORIENTEERING became a competitive sport, three entrepreneurial Swedish orienteering champions invented the liquid-filled compass. Their solution was more precise and easier to use than other compasses at the time. The SILVA brand was born.

Soto Online Stock | Soto Catalogue

Designed, engineered and built in Japan, Soto Outdoors range of high-end, technical stoves are the perfect companions on any wilderness mission, be it a day hike or a multi-week expedition. Featuring breakthrough stove innovations across the range like Micro-Regulator technology, Soto Outdoors’ products are meticulous in detail, lightweight and easy to use. When compromise is not an option, Soto Outdoors stoves are the products of choice.

Sea to Summit Logo

Sea to Summit online stock | Sea to Summit Catalogue | Sea to Summit Sleep Systems Catalogue

Sea to Summit is an innovative design and product development company that engineers a wide range of intuitively simple products that help make time in the outdoors fun, efficient and comfortable. From our West Australian base, Sea to Summit has grown into an award-winning global brand sold in more than 60 countries. Significant growth and international recognition has strengthened our original ethos ‘to equip and inspire’ and it continues to drive our research and development of the best materials and production methods. It inspires new product innovations that keep us at the forefront of bringing lighter, better made, better performing gear to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Spatial Vision online stock

SV Maps is owned by Spatial Vision, a wholly Australian company. We design, create and publish a range of award-winning and innovative digital and hard copy maps to assist people plan their adventures or next holiday.

Sunday Afternoons Catalogue

Sunday Afternoons specialise in designing and manufacturing high quality sun protective hats for men, women and children. Wherever your weekend adventure takes you – the Sunday Afternoons range of hats will give you the full coverage against the elements. Their commitment remains the same throughout the range: to provide innovative products of the highest quality standards, while incorporating breathability and a great fit with all of their designs. Every product created is designed with sun protection and comfort in mind, and carries a minimum sun protective rating of UPF 50+. Sunday Afternoons’ sun hats are dermatologist approved and carry the seal of recommendation from the Melanoma International Foundation. Enjoy the sunshine wisely with Sunday Afternoons and “Don’t forget your hat”!

Smartwool Catalogue

SmartWool Difference – pushing the boundaries of Merino. The SmartWool story started on a rugged Colorado ski slope with the belief that toes didn’t have to be cold. One simple pair of Merino socks challenged the conventional wisdom and forever changed the way outdoor enthusiasts looked at their feet. It’s not just about the Merino, though. It’s what they do with it that makes SmartWool different. For over 20 years, SmartWool’s been pushing the boundaries of Merino to create smarter, more capable products from head to toe.

Trangia Online Stock | Trangia Catalogue

The Trangia stove system was developed and launched in 1951 with the idea to build a compact and complete cooking system burning liquid fuel. Liquid fuel being the most efficient form of fuel, easily accessible, low cost, and also the easiest to use. Trangia’s approach to quality has been fundamental in the manufacturing process, from the choice of materials to the functionality of their products. The unsurpassed Trangia principles makes cooking possible in all weather conditions – even high winds and severe cold. The stoves are lightweight and they need no special care as they are hardwearing. The storm cooker packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.

Vicmap online stock

Vicmap Topographic maps display natural and constructed features on the ground including contours, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, vegetation, roads, cliffs, localities, park boundaries, shipwrecks and more, covering the entire State of Victoria