Our Sea to Summit kitchen accessories complement each other to make for the perfect one person compact dining kit, or a one person comprehensive dining kit.

X-Set Bowls, Plates, and Cups

X-Set-2 is a one person compact dining kit including a 480ml X-Mug and a 600ml X-Bowl weighing in at 180g. Couple this with the 2-piece spork & knife set at 16gms.

X-Set-3 is a comprehensive one person dining kit including a 480ml X-Mug, 600ml X-Bowl & 1170ml X-Plate weighing in at 364g. Couple this with the 3-piece knife, spoon, & fork set at 22gms.

X-Sets are made from food grade, flexible silicone and the circular storage pouch is made with lightweight Ultra-Sil nylon and see-through mesh for quick drying and easy identification of contents.

Both X-Sets are temperature safe from -40 to +180 degrees Celsius, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Cutlery Sets

Our Sea to Summit Cutlery sets are made from ultra light weight hard anodised aircraft alloy.

Product and packaging designed by Sea to Summit in Australia.

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