Itemising your gear into storage sacks is the bees knees. When you are heading off for a pack carry like we did on the Great South West Walk, having everything sorted is just what you need.

Compression sacks are great for clothing, sheets and sleeping bags. Getting your gear smaller is what it’s all about when you can only carry so much on your back. Our breathable event compression sacks are great for keeping items fresh.

Waterproof dry sacks are best used for your electronics or other bits and pieces that you want to ensure stay dry.

We like to itemise everything down to its own sack. We have sacks for the following: Sleeping bags, water filtration systems, electronics, fitted sheets, clothing, and also one for rubbish that we collect along the way – as a way to keep the smell in rather than keeping things out – it can work both ways to your advantage as you see fit.

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