Green Trails Australia stocks a wide range of Sea to Summit sleeping gear including sleeping bags and liners, sleeping mats and repair kits and sheets, as well as pillows.

Our Sea to Summit sleeping bags are of the highest quality down-filled bags designed to keep you both warm and comfortable in the most extreme climates. We also offer sleeping bag liners which can add to the warmth of your sleeping bag or can be used as stand-alone lightweight sleeping bags – a great alternative to having a full sleeping bag in the summer time, or warmer months.

Our Sea to Summit sleeping mats are the lightest and most comfortable mats you have ever planted your body on. We use all of our own products and can assure you that side sleepers are well accounted for. Coupled with fitted sheets, you will feel as though you are sleeping in your bed at home (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). Comfort is a top priority, and so too is weight. Have it all with Sea to Summit.

Get your head and neck supported with a Sea to Summit pillow. Lightweight and compact, offering full support for your noggin.

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